JCH water and wastewater work for municipalities

Engineered Solutions. Smart Infrastructure.

At JCH, we believe that smart infrastructure starts with designing around proven products that last, not just adding the newest "smart" technology. We will help you develop a smarter, resilient, cost-effective solution around:

• Maintenance & remote monitoring
• Replacement strategies
• Power & energy efficiencies
• Robust design for easy operation

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Our team

Our team of sales engineers understand your system's design requirements because they were engineers before they were salespeople! JCH can provide assistance from conceptual plans to rehabbing 30-year-old stations, or anything in between.

Our sales engineers and service mechanics understand the complete lifecycle of the equipment, and we strive to become a part of your project team.

This helps us: 

  • Provide maximum insight into technical aspects of your design
  • Maximize your return on investment
  • Provide solutions that are easy to maintain and operate

Our company history

Established in 1960, James, Cooke & Hobson Inc. has been the premier process sales organization in the Desert Southwest for more than 60 years. JCH has a proven history of providing innovative and reliable solutions from industry leading manufacturers of municipal, industrial process, commercial, and fire protection equipment.

We believe in the Golden Rule and strive to provide the best customer support possible, through account management, engineering design, and after-market service.

JCH is committed to being a solutions provider, proactively being involved during all stages of a project's life cycle from conception, design, completion, start up/training, and post sale. We provide the best solutions and products to meet both the application requirements and customer needs.

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